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Kingdom Course

Church Leader FAQ

Is this course in competition with my church?

The goal is to support your church! The course can be a great “side door” into your church for people who are not yet actively involved in Kingdom living.

What are the course goals?

  • An authentic experience of the Kingdom of God by learning and doing.

  • Life reorientation around Kingdom values.

  • Active service to advance God’s Kingdom as a way of life.

What is covered?

Advancing the Kingdom of God through life transformation. This is accomplished through Holy Spirit dependence, missional living and Godly leadership development.

A course outline is available here.

What are the benefits?

For students: An experience of the life Jesus offers.

For churches: Spiritually mature members who are active in service.

What makes this course different than Bible studies or classes?

Relationship-growing over information-gaining. Learning is secondary to community, life-change and service.

Who can lead the course?

Anyone can be a leader. Training is necessary and provided.

When is it available?

In January as a limited Launch. Contact us to be considered.

What is the cost?

Training & materials are provided FREE for groups selected for the January launch.

Who is the course for?

Open-minded, open-hearted people seeking more purpose in life. The content is appropriate for mature Christians, new Christians and non-Christians.

Where should the groups be held?

A comfortable, home-like setting is best.

Can the course be held at church? In Sunday School? Small groups?

Definitely. The Kingdom Course is designed to build community rather than a class.

What are the technology requirements?

Group Meets: An Internet device (computer is best), a screen, and how to connect them.

Students: An Internet-connected device for the weekly Lessons.

Workbooks are available when these are not possible.