Your Best Friend On Stage

Mike and his little friend.

Mike and his little friend.

The stage can be a lonely place.

Just you, all alone. Trying to move a group of people to action. Whether it’s an audience of ten or thousands, you need a friend—a buddy that can help you do your job as a communicator.

That’s what a great remote can do.

I’ve tried many a “clicker” in my day. I keep looking for the newest & coolest, but so far, I keep coming back to the Kensington Wireless Presenter. Why?

Here are five fast reasons:

  1. Hand feel. I’ll keep searching for something slimmer, but the fact is, it has a nice fit in your palm.
  2. Drop dead simple. I have remotes with gyroscopes, remotes with programmable buttons, remotes with tiny mouse balls. But when I’m in front of an audience, what I really want is to go forward, and to go back. This does both with a satisfying tactile click. By the way, it also blacks the screen (which I love), and has a wimpy little laser pointer (which I don’t.)
  3. Loyal USB receiver. I’ve lost way too many of those little nubbins when they’re a separate piece. This one stays around: it fits and clicks inside the remote body. Good dog.
  4. Long battery life. Plus, no funky watch batteries; it uses two AAA.
  5. It just works. I love digital presenting, but technology adds many more ways for things to go wrong. This tool just does its job, simply and elegantly.

And what more could you want from your presenting partner when the lights go down?

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