In a world of unlimited information, 
the power is in the presentation.


To be successful today,
students need more than public speaking & PowerPoint courses.
Students need a specific set of skills. They need
Presentable U.

Why Presentable U?

  1. Empowers students to be leaders in today's
    global marketplace.

  2. Offers a turnkey solution to a critical student need.

  3. Provides a certification program without start-up costs, management or support costs.

  4. Gives your Business, Communication & Education Departments a competitive advantage.

  5. Provides parents peace of mind; their child is getting
    the real-world skills they need.

Certify your students
in the only seven presentation skills
they'll ever need.

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Define Ideas Clearly

Learn how to create presentations that meets presenter goals and audience need.

Design Presentations Correctly

Learn the fastest way to create effective PowerPoint presentations.

Deliver to Audiences Compellingly

Learn how to be confident presenting to any audience, with & without technology.

This content can be taught as a 30-hour college course.

Presentable U teaches step-by-step guidance, ingenious templates, PowerPoint shortcuts,
practical stage presence tips, and just enough tech-knowledge.
Your students can become the presenters they were meant to be. With Presentable U.

To add Presentable U to your college,

or if you have questions,
please email us
or call directly 440.201.9567 (US).